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This project's goal was to empower village women to make positive changes in their villages and families. With this goal there were three main project objectives. The first was that; Women's groups will understand participatory methods of learning and problem solving. The second was that; Women will understand subjects in modern health, nutrition, sanitation, and clean water. The third was that; Women will use their knowledge to enact change in their villages.

Byxarbai schoolIn the village of Byxarbai, women wanted information on health and its relationship to local superstitions.

Who were the constituency? They were women living in Kazakh villages in south-central Kazakhstan. These villages are economically depressed, usually they have a lack of proper water, power, and garbage service. Roads are made of dirt, the village schools and hospitals find it hard to attract good teachers and doctors. A number of villages in South-central Kazakhstan were helped through women's groups.
Algabas school

Women in the village "Algabas" met in March 2009 with Agrinas staff to discuss possibilities for the new project. The village name can be loosely translated "Go! Straight on! With energy!".


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